Clinician-Led Sexual Addiction Partner’s Recovery Group

Are you struggling in a relationship with a man who seems emotionally disconnected from you? Have you recently discovered that your husband or partner is sexually acting out with pornography, other people, or visiting sexual establishments? Are the dynamics of your relationship taking a toll on your self-worth? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. According to a study by Weiss, 82% of women in a relationship with a man who exhibited sexual acting-out behaviors experienced depression. 84% of these women struggled with over-eating and 63% felt they exhibited co-dependent behaviors toward their significant other. These statistics only scratch the surface of the impact that sexual addiction has on the partner of the addict. In fact, disclosure or discovery of sexual acting-out behavior can lead to PTSD-like symptoms in the life of a partner. Such issues often require a partner to seek clinical treatment to begin their own recovery from physical, psychological, and spiritual implications of their new reality. At Bridge of Hope, our Clinician-Led Partner's Recovery Group is structured to help you find healing as a partner of a sexually addicted male.

Group Structure

Current Start Date: TBD

Time frame: 15 weeks

Length of Sessions: 90 minutes (6:00pm-7:30pm)

Day of Session: Monday

Clinician: Jason Hallman, MA, LPC/I

Text: Facing Heartbreak by Carnes, Lee, and Rodriguez

Type of Group: Work Group (we will process workbook exercises each week, build community, and learn tools for recovery)

Objectives: Learn about the clinical aspects of sexual addiction, process grief and anger toward self and your partner, build a recovery support system, take ownership of behaviors that contribute to unhealthy relationship dynamics, develop tools to regain self-worth.